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Sola Wood Bridal Florals

What are Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola Wood Flowers are not actually flowers but a type of wood called “Sholapith” or “Shola” wood. This sholapith is shaved and dried directly from the plant. Once these are dried they are formed into many different things. One of those “things” are flowers. They can resemble real flowers or they can be imaginary flowers built by the artist that creates them. From there, those flowers are then sold to distributor and then to Sola Wood Flower artists and that is what Sola Enchanted Petals and Gifts LLC is based around… the artistry of putting these flowers into an unforgettable arrangement.

You can find these flowers in big box stores, in grocery stores, and a lot of times on Etsy. You can even order these for a DIY project for your own wedding. These flowers have a VERY unique look and you will be able to use them for a variety of different things besides your wedding. My bouquet is on my bedroom dresser and still looks like it did the day I finished making them and that is part of the appeal.

These flowers can last forever and look the same for many years when they are done correctly. The colors will be perfectly customized to your liking, they do not need to be watered, they do not attract insects, they do not wilt, and there are allergy free options for even the most sensitive of allergies.

Why Sola Wood Flowers for you Wedding?

Unlike real flowers these will stay in pristine condition even in the most extreme of weather conditions. Hot and arid nor freezing and damp temperatures will hurt your beautiful bouquet. Also, unlike any flowers (real or fake) Sola Wood Flowers can be customized to any color imaginable. If it rains on your big day, your flowers will not bleed colors on your gorgeous dress.

Why Sola Enchanted Petals and Gifts?

You can definitely go out and DIY your flowers. In fact, I highly encourage you to do so. It is not only a great way to save on some cash but is also a really fun hobby to get into. If you take this approach, please do not do this last minute. You are going to make mistakes and this is not as easy as the marketing claims it is. You’re going to have to learn to do things you have never done before and you are absolutely going to need the time to correct them. I do not want you to potentially end up in a bad spot by waiting too long to do this yourself. I have worked on these for YEARS and I am still learning new techniques to get different results. I use multiple tools, unique personal concoctions where I achieve realistic floral textures and effects.

On top of all that, I also encourage you to shop around and look at the flower listings from Etsy as well. You will get a wide variety of results to show up in your search. You will see vendors that steal other vendors pictures and use them as their own to deliver a subpar product. You will see photoshopped pictures that do not reflect the realistic colors of what you’re going to receive. You will also see subpar product and you will sometimes come across vendors that will not be there next week. There are a lot of fly-by-night vendors in this industry. Coming here to us about your wedding florals you can be guaranteed several things:

  • Our pictures (not from the wedding photographers) have not been color enhanced
  • Your flowers will be arranged and prepared strictly by me per your specifications
  • I’ve been doing this for years and I will continue to do this for years
  • I will keep in contact with you throughout the creation process so you know exactly what you’re getting

Do you want to know more about us? Check out our homepage. If you’re already sold just like many others before you, let us know about your wedding and we can get started on a realistic quote for you.

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